Thank you to each and every one of YOU! This year’s virtual ACE was a huge success and we could not have done it without the passionate engagement, participation and networking from our incredible attendees. We know there were probably hundreds of “aha moments” and key takeaways from the conference, but we have captured some here for you all! As you read through them, we hope you feel as inspired and educated as we did. Thank you again for an incredible Virtual ACE 2020 and we hope to see you all again in 2021!

ITAM is pervasive and supports the entire organization, not just the business functions. A strong ITAM program will beget a strong organization.

– William Choppa and Paul “Doc” Burnham

This was my first ACE. I had a phenomenal time, there were amazing speakers, I received validation in my ITAM program, and I learned a lot of good ideas and new information.

– Scott

ITAM provides information that no other department can within an organization.

– Sumin Tchen

The virtual conference was great, but the in-person conference is best!

– Annaliza

The big problem with SAM is a lack of trust between providers & end-users. Blockchain is designed to foster trust.

– Jeremy Boerger

I’m only sad that I can’t attend every session!

– RJ

Work from home is not going away; in fact, it will continue to grow due to myriad advantages over the old view of the workplace. These new challenges will be dealt with as all ITAM functions do: adaptation.

– Paul Baum and Stevie DeVito

I can create an advertisement for ITAM!

– Cathy

52% of Fortune 500 companies from 2000 are gone. You must transform to move forward!

– Patrick Graff

I played IMUG Jeopardy from the doctor’s office!

– Sherry

We will never return to normal after this. Many employers have already begun adopting WFH environments due to their proven increased productivity long before COVID and practically all will moving forward.

– Bill Talbot

The interconnectiveness was great. I know we’re NOT ALONE!

– Alan

Shadow IT is a big issue with COVID. Knowing how to tackle the issue, and doing so before you are audited, is important.

– John

Such a great event! Thank you so much to the speakers.

– Brian

An integrated ITAM and Cyber security strategy optimizes coverage- reducing blind spots and adding insight to cost/ benefit analysis.

– Christopher Winter

I have attended several virtual conferences, and they were a bust! ACE was a knockout, a big thank you to the staff, speakers and sponsors!

– Linda

What keeps your CEO up at night? Their brand.

– Rike Sandlin

Loved Jimmy! Loved the virtual format, but love the in-person ACE more.

– David

Even in a massive organization, the ITAM shop can still be just an army of one. Do what you can, where you can. Focus on QSPs and demonstrate the value you bring to the organization.

– Bo Guilbeaut

I am reenergized and enlightened after listening to the sessions and talking with other ITAM professionals!

– Monica

The more data points you have, the better you can make a decision.

– Linda Cole

This was my first conference. The virtual platform was great! I liked what Bo said, “Doing the right thing is not always the easiest thing.”

– Deborah

During negotiation, you have “one bite at the apple”. You want to make sure you do it right.

– Alan Bain

Bravo Zulu!

– Melonie

ITAM can provide information and services that no other department within an organization can provide.

– Leslie June

I loved that I could meet other people struggling like me. I am not alone!

– Christine

You must remain diligent and adaptable to the ever-changing world of ITAM.

– Craig Guarente

Loved the format, so neat! [During IMUG Jeopardy] I was fighting for the I-team!

– Mariam

As we get used to the new remote world (which will not ever return to “normal”) ITAM will have to adapt, but this is thankfully exactly where ITAM excels.

– Dag Adamson

Shout out to Dr. Barb!

– Dion

Poor data quality is a quick way to lose stakeholders and your job. If data is bad, fix the source. Get good data and track good data.

– Walter Darrough

I was worried about communicating with others [on the virtual platform], but it went great!

– William

You must clearly define your ITAM project scope. Otherwise, you will likely experience scope creep.

– Andrea Anderson

I finally got to attend the conference after waiting for 3 years. All was great to me!

– Steven

You must clearly define your ITAM project scope. Otherwise, you will likely experience scope creep.

– Andrea Anderson

The conference itself was the best thing about conference!

– George

There are dozens of factors that help determine if an ITAD vendor is right for your organization. And it is well worth the effort to take your time and make that decision correctly.

– Kyle Marks

The ability to download presentations right away was great!

– Julia

We can gather data until the end of time, but if we don’t know why we are collecting that data or how to leverage it, it’s a wasted effort. Know your organizational needs, and then collect that data that supports those needs.

– William Choppa and Paul “Doc” Burnham

I really liked the virtual platform!

– See

I created a brand for the ITAM program within my organization. Creating a recognizable symbol, message, mission statement and elevator pitch helped establish the department and set it apart from others in the organization!

– Stephanie Baerenwald

Compliments to the IAITAM staff for a wonderful conference!

– Frank

With so many people working from home, you must manage data proactively.

– Fredrik Forslund