Stop Spending Unnecessary Costs on Oracle Support

IAITAM Theater September 9, 2020 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

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Richard Spithoven

Oracle’s fiscal year ends in May. Many of you have probably closed a deal in May in the previous years, cause that would give you the best deal, right? And you probably got other products included in your order, since the bigger the volume the better the discount, right? Having done deals in May means that Oracle Support will send out its support maintenance renewal proposals in the March-April-May timeframe. Have you already received one as well? Did you notice that the price you have to pay increased 4% compared to last year? Oracle increases its support maintenance fee with 4% year over year. However, you don’t have to pay that. Yes, Oracle Support may offer to waive this 4% if you commit to renew for 36 months (instead of the standard 12 months). But there are different ways to avoid this. Not being required to commit for 36 months and making sure that you don’t have to pay the 4% increase sounds appealing, right? In addition, we see in our daily practice that 80% of Oracle customers are paying every year support maintenance fees on licenses they are not using. So, how can you save costs on your Oracle support renewal? Join my session to find the answers to these question and more! Topics that we’ll address:

-Oracle customers’ pains, as seen in our daily practice
-What is and how does the 4% indexation work
-What is and how does the repricing clause work
-How you can start saving costs