Shift Your Company’s Culture One Process At A Time

SoftwareONE Learning Center September 11, 2020 11:15 am - 12:15 pm

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Annaliza Bradley

IT Asset Management impacts the entire lifecycle of hardware and software within your organization. Every employee has to adjust their daily behaviors to collectively protect your company from financial, contractual, and security risks. This session will give you an overview of IT Asset Management, best practices to support your program, and the opportunity to collaborate on how to approach your policy and process gaps.

  1. Create a baseline of the ITAM program’s current state
    a) Interview stakeholders and gather pain points
    b) Document processes and workflows
    c) Review policies and tools
  2. Use ITAM industry best practices to identify gaps
  3. Fill gaps incrementally until processes integrate into one end-to-end lifecycle
    a) Create and edit policies
    b) Enhance or implement processes
    c) Renegotiate contracts and agreements (terms, SLAs, etc.)
    d) Design tool infrastructure (data mapping, automation, API, etc.)
  4. Report quarterly metrics to stakeholders
    a) Reference baseline to showcase ITAM program maturity
  5. Enhance ITAM program until you reach a proactive state